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Dominate Web Media is a Facebook Advertising Agency and Online Education & Training Provider. Our cutting edge proprietary strategies have been crafted & perfected from overseeing $2.8 million/month in Facebook Ad Spend..

Our founder, Keith Krance, is the author of the #1 Selling Facebook Advertising Book "The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising" and a host of the highly acclaimed Facebook Advertising podcast -- Perpetual Traffic (over 100,000 downloads/week)..

By knowing what works on Facebook... we can provide you the perfect training matching both your your experience level and business category.

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Raving Fans


John Lee Dumas

Creator of the #1 Podcast "Entrepreneur on Fire"

"Keith Krance is one of the smartest Facebook ads experts I've ever worked with. Thanks to him we were able to set up our first profitable Facebook ad campaign to our Podcaster's Paradise webinar campaign, which was getting a 6 to 1 ROI, AND helped us ignite our entire new webinar sales funnel!"


Perry Marshall

Author, "Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords" and "80/20 Sales & Marketing"

“No other traffic source in the last 5 years has brought me more customers for less money. Facebook advertising is working 4X better than ever before, and for more people than ever before. WHY? Because I have a secret weapon. And his name is Keith Krance.”

Kay Salerno

CEO Young Social

"Keith Krance's book with Perry Marshall has helped me build a 7 figure business in just under a year. We've done things that people have never done before, and it was all built of off "The Ultimate Guide To Facebook Advertising."

Bree Argetsinger

"There's so much stuff I should be doing and could be doing with Facebook Advertising, and Keith Krance mapped it out in a way that is so easy to understand and accessible to someone like me who tends to do a lot of this stuff myself."